Adventures of a Mall Santa

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HO! HO! HO! Adventures of a Mall Santa

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...An entertaining read for all ages, just rather short....

This slim volume describes Nick Nichols’ stint as a mall Santa, after being volunteered by his manager after their Santa cancelled (“You’re big, you don’t need pillows”). I did briefly chuckle at how appropriate it was for Nick Nichols to play St. Nick – there seem to have been a run of rather appropriate author names recently – and then got on with the book.

There are a few typos and spelling errors, e.g. David for his boss` name, but in general the writing is of a good standard. These are the kind of stories you can imagine him retelling to his grandchildren, funny family reminiscences that can be shared over the years.

It is a light read, but funny and heartwarming, ideal for Christmas and I can only apologise that I didn’t get the review out for then. If you want something to cheer you up, this is ideal. That said, it is a short read and I probably wouldn’t pay much for it, but if you can get it free do. It would be good for parents to read to children – or at least the ones who know Santas in malls are Santa’s helpers.

3 and an entertaining read for all ages, just rather short.

Rating: 3
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Belle (15 January 2018)
This sounds like a book my little girl would enjoy very much. She loves all things to do with Christmas and is fascinated by Santa's story. I'm definitely going to get this one for her.

Donna (24 January 2018)
It also sounds like it would be a good one for the reluctant reader. I usually find that Christmas combined with laughter is just the ticket for some of my younger readers.

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