All These Shiny Worlds II

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All These Shiny Worlds II: The 2017 ImmerseOrDie Anthology

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...For speculative fiction readers, this comes with a stamp of must-read....

This is a collection of absolutely top-notch speculative fiction stories.

Given the quality of the stories, stating that the editing and formatting are excellent seems almost a formality, so I shall get it out of the way: they are. As with many anthologies, each story has a short bio of the story’s author after it for readers to look up more of their work.

While the stories themselves range across genres from horror, fantasy and SF, ambiguity and nuance is the order of the day, with endings that both pull the pieces together and leave the reader room for thought. Some of the gems here include a bittersweet story about a teen girl dyeing her hair to look like her idol, robots planning to escape and scam an A.I., and a top secret military program. These are character-driven, but with a real sense of the wider worlds around them.
This collection has something for almost all readers, and I only say almost because children may miss some of the nuance that make them so good. For speculative fiction readers, this comes with a stamp of must-read. For anyone else who likes their writing top-class and storytelling masterly, pick it up.

Rating: 5
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