Arklight: Operation Nightfall

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Arklight: Operation Nightfall

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... If you can get past the preachiness there is an excellent military action story here to be enjoyed....

Arklight is a very Special Ops team, comprised of only the very brightest and best the military has to offer and led by Captain John Steadman, where and his team carry out the most vital missions. On a mission to capture the world’s most wanted terrorist in Northern Africa, they find themselves in the site of an archaeological dig for a set of priceless artifacts. But that is nothing compared to finding themselves thrown back in time to World War II in the midst of an offensive. Alongside a group of US soldier that may, or may not, contain someone related to Steadman, they find themselves at a battle they know from the past, trying to prevent the Nazis from discovering the secrets of the atomic bomb from the artifacts they found in the future. They also need to prevent any changes to the future, that is, assuming they can get back there.

This is really two types of books rolled into one. First off it is a military action that takes modern soldiers and armaments and places them in a historical setting. Second, it’s a book preaching about following Christianity. As a military action, I can’t fault it really, it shows just how lethal modern gear and training can be. The action is steady paced and builds tension instead of running set piece to set piece. The historical facts all appear accurate and fit together very neatly, with only a little bit of author licence, which is noted up front. However, as a book about following God’s path, it is a lot more preachy than it needs to be, with the group referring to it every so often. The other thing that should be given credit for that as it does have a time travel factor, these elements are well handled and neatly tied up, with no real holes that I could see.

As for the characters, they are well written and feel as individuals instead of stereotypes and the scenes are well fleshed out to provide plenty of description for what is happening. You may guess the twists and turns that appear, but that does not make them all the less enjoyable when they are revealed.

If you are looking for a fast paced, scene to scene, military action thriller, you may be disappointed, but this is a probably a lot more accurate in terms of what happens showing all the preparation and planning that can and does go into a successful mission. If you can get past the preachiness there is an excellent military action story here to be enjoyed.

Rating: 4
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