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Bad Advice

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...A black comedy, sexy romance and police thriller all rolled into one with plenty of twists and turns....

Ruby Marquis is a Samaritan and agony aunt columnist known for being blunt with the people asking for help. Inspector Scott is a high flying career policeman groomed for a role at the top. Invited to a party by Diane, Ruby’s colleague and Scott’s cousin, they find an instant attraction and start dating. At the same time a serial killer has started to knock off Samaritans. The fact these are people Ruby knew and that Scott is leading the case is the minor complication in their romance. The more complicated parts would the the ex-husband and ex-wives both of them have, several kids and the fact Ruby was once a journalist who wrote an expose on the police. Can Scott find the killer before Ruby becomes a victim?

Bad Advice is a fun romance with an interesting background and excellent little crime thriller that keeps it bubbling along. Every so often a new twist and turn appears adding more depth and intrigue to the plot. The characters are excellent and believable in the way their pasts begin to intertwine, which only adds more scope for the story to escalate. I did enjoy the way that no-one is truly bad in the book and everyone has reasons for what they are doing, even if it gets them into more and more of a mess.

The crime thriller underneath is really very good and plays out nicely over several months. Although there are time jumps between some of the chapters, it soon becomes obvious how much has passed whether a few hours, days or weeks. The book also switches viewpoints well between the two characters, cleverly following their point of view around, sometime from one sentence spoken to the next.

There are a few minor spelling mistakes here and there, but that is understandable given how long the book is. The major problem I do have is the over-abundance of sex scenes in it, not erotica, but certainly adult enough. Yes, we get it, they like sex with each other, lots of it, but when it gets in the way of the rest of the plot and I find my self skipping past pages of it to get to the next crime scene, it begins to get a little tedious. There are a couple of those scenes, which actually fit the plot, but a lot of them could have been pruned without affecting the story in any way, and still left plenty in for good measure. Also, I made several predictions at the start as to what was going to happen and most of them were true, though I will admit to not guessing who the culprit was.

Finally, I thought this novel would be fairly boring to go through, but I was surprised that I started rapidly page turning and looking forward to finding out what was going on and how the characters would react to the next piece of news. And if you enjoy an abundance of sex scenes, you will love this book.

Rating: 3
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