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Bee Our Guest: Part One: A Bee's Flowers Novella

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...Light, witty and romantic, this is worth picking up to put a smile on your face and a little bit of love in your life....

It is a few short weeks before the wedding of Anastacia Bee to her fiancée Marco, a few short weeks where anything and everything can attempt to go wrong. After the trauma of her best friend and previous fiancée having an affair, Stacia is a bundle of nerves. This is not helped by her mother trying to plan the wedding, her niece having an anaphylactic shock, and then a dry run that goes awry. Through it, Stacia tries to keep a calm head and a coffee to hand, while her family gathers round to try and make the day as special as possible. As the event gets closer, she still wonders if this is really going to happen, even though she knows Marco is the right one for her. He in turn spends his time trying to keep her steady and making sure they get to their happiest day.

This is a sweet romance that works on several levels both as a story in it’s own right but also acting as an extra story for the Bee Family series. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even though several of the events mentioned through the book occur in other stories, it does not make this story seem as though you have to read the other stories to know what is happening. The plot may be simple, but the events leading up to the wedding help to break up the days and keep a steady, driving, pace through the story. The characters are very well written and you can understand the trials that each has gone through to get to this point and the dreams and aspirations they have for the future. While Stacia is the main character, the whole family gets a look in, all through her eyes, as they pitch up to help with the occasion. The writing style compliments this. It’s pacy and light, giving enough description for the scenes, but without being too taxing to read. While reading, I didn’t notice any formatting or spelling errors and I did enjoy the choice of images that have been used with the chapter breaks.

One thing to note is that there is very little conflict in this story and most troubles are wrapped up quickly. For a short story like this it fits, but the mention of more covered in the other books does makes me wonder what I am missing in terms of the depth of these stories and characters.

If you want a good idea of the series and the author’s writing style, this is an excellent place to start. Light, witty and romantic, this is worth picking up to put a smile on your face and a little bit of love in your life.

Rating: 4
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Nocturnal Thinker (18 October 2020)
Good review of this short story. I am curious to know and excited to be one of the "guests" of the wedding of Anastacia and Marco. I wanted to know if the wedding has been successfully done and Stacia and Marco are happy with their wedding as well as their parents and friends.

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