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Blank: Part 1

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...An intriguing amnesiac thriller that is definitely worth checking out....

Waking up in a hospital, alone and with no memories of how she got there, Rachel struggles to understand who she is, where she is and how she got there. Only knowing her name because she has been told that is what it is and with only the limited freedom of her room, she slowly builds up her strength and tries to recover. As she improves, she is given a little more freedom and finds she is in a ward, but with no idea of what is going in and no-one willing to tell her. All the while she is monitored by Dr Kingston, who sets the pace at which she recovers, but who seems to have his own agenda.

Blank is the first of a four part story of an amnesiac trying discover who she is and what happened to her. As a result, the story takes the approach of letting us find out details with the protagonist. This works well, as the details are enough to keep you intrigued and wanting more as they build up slowly. The descriptive writing helps to paint on this blank canvas as more is revealed, without ever revealing everything that is going on or adding details the reader should not know, even though everyone around Rachel seems to be aware of what is going on. What is also good is there is no hint of good or evil in this book, your feelings on the situation can very much depend on your own point of view as to what might be happening. Helped or hindered, it is too early to tell, as the scraps that are revealed make little sense now, but as you would expect for someone in this condition.

On it’s own merits, this is definitely a book worth checking out, with the remaining parts coming out is short order after this one. I’m curious enough to go and find the next book in the series and I can only hope that the remainder of the series stick to this high standard of this opening book.

Rating: 5
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