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...A perfectly adequate version of a classic story with two slightly different endings...

Puss In Boots is the well known fairy tale of a talking cat who uses its wit and cunning to turn his owner from a peasant into the Lord of the Valley and marry a princess. Along with this, there are two different endings to the story which take place after the main story has ended.

This version is aimed at 3-8 year olds although it is more likely to be read by older instead of the younger children. The writing is fine, but as the story has been retold over several hundred years you would expect it to be so. The two endings are slightly different but don’t have any real impact on the main story, which is slightly disappointing as it could have been more interesting if the story itself had been changed.

Overall, its another perfectly adequate version of a classic story and as such is worth getting for the retelling, because its a story everyone should have a chance to read.

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