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Books have feelings too

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...ten minutes of absolute joy for anyone who has ever spent time they shouldn't with their head buried in a book....

With a title that that, how could I possibly resist? Rest assured, little book, I shall attempt not to hurt those feelings unless you truly deserve it.

The first page waved at me.

Manners go a long way towards a good first impression. The review rating is another matter, and I am not buttered up so….I turned the page, and burst out laughing. You win, book.

The description is necessarily vague. This book does not contain the meaning of life, or poetry, or anything else. It doesn’t even contain perfect punctuation, but then as a book it must have been difficult to type itself, so I can make allowances. It also contains the irony of reading a book complaining about ebooks on an ebook reader. Or when it complains it is an author. Are you an author or a book? I am getting muddled!

Joking aside, it is actually everything a book has ever wanted to say to a reader. This is the perfect waiting room or coffee table book, relaxing, fun and with sketch illustrations reminiscent of Quentin Blake. It a light hearted slice of absolutely nothing and a pure fifteen minutes of giggling.

Book lovers, just read this. It is ten minutes of absolute joy for anyone who has ever spent time they shouldn’t with their head buried in a book. Just don’t read while driving, or the book will be cross. What’s that?

“To be honest, I want to be what I am – a fun little book”

You are, book. You are.

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luri (31 March 2021)
The title and the sub title of the book are very interesting. If you are an avid reader, you would definitely want to read this book. The reviewer also recommends the book. However, the review does not clearly mention what the book is actually about, I mean what is the book actually talking about if it is the "first-ever book written by a book."

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