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Bunnies Suck

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...This short horror comedy is great, but at a ten minute read there just isn't enough of it....

I picked this up for the book title, and to kill an earworm from a certain television show that began running through my head the moment I saw it. From the initial impression I was rather expecting something between Night of the Lepus, Monty Python’s Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, and Buffy’s ‘Bunnies’ rock breakout. The second paragraph sets the theme as something between Twilight Zone and Jaws music.

I was grinning by the end of the first page. By the end of the second page, I paused, put the book down, got a new cup of tea, and settled back down for a good read.

It was disappointingly short.

Great concept, wonderful voice, humorously written, just short.

My tea didn’t cool enough to drink. A ten minute, twenty page read, literally. That’s it you check the front matter. The other problem is it ends abruptly, almost too abruptly. Rabbits, attack, reveal, end. There is much more that could have been done with this – like the ones I mentioned above.

I personally would not pay for a stand alone story this short, but the author can definitely write and I would love to see a longer work from him. If he can keep the quality this high it would be worth the read. What is here is great, but there just isn’t enough of it.

If it is free, and you want a quick lunchtime read with an easy giggle (and a little gore) this horror parody is worth a look.

Rating: 3
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jessica (23 July 2021)
E:hearteyecat:Bunnies, bunnies, it must beeee!!!E:hearteyecat: ...never mind. ::devilBook:

sliara (26 July 2021)
So it's a very short story that left you wanting more. I would love to read an interesting short story when I have the time.

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