Cleopatra : a women against the odds – Part 1

...This is not a book that should be picked up....

This is a brief introduction to the story of Cleopatra’s covering her history from her initial gathering of her armies to her meeting with Julius Caesar.

I do enjoy reading about Ancient Roma and Cleopatra is a fascinating character in history and so I picked it up to see what it could offer. Unfortunately, I came to realise quickly that this version offers very little to recommend it. The retelling of the brief part of her history is brief and confused, covering nothing in depth and skipping to the more obvious events, while leaving aside the rest. The book ends abruptly in mid-scene, no doubt hoping that someone might look at getting the next one for some reason. The writing is riddled with spelling errors and bad formatting making it difficult to read, although given it’s length, it does not take long to understand what is meant.

Aside from that, it has a couple of nice pictures of someone trying to look like Cleopatra, although once again, the accuracy in such pictures is suspect.

This is not a book that should be picked up, but gently placed to one side and one of the myriad of better written, more understandable and deeper books about Cleopatra should be chosen instead. It is a shame that it does not try to add anything new to the history and in turn detracts from what was an intriguing time in history.

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