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Crafty Decluttering

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...a small book with some funny photos and very little substance...

A book about decluttering by someone who hates to declutter so much that the only way she could declutter is to write a book about it. I found myself identifying with the author immediately, as at the time of writing I am reviewing her book instead of decluttering. My way appears superior as it puts the work off for longer.

This is Brenda De Haan’s story of her Mother’s Day declutter of her craft’s room. Each page has a short passage of text and a photo with meme-style text on it, giving a cleaning tip. These tips are in some cases too simple, like ‘have the handles face the front’. Also the advice to use folding benches you use for shows for extra storage is excellent advice, until they are needed for the next craft show and have to clear them off. Can you ever have too many dressers? Yes. British houses are smaller. The warmth and byplay between her husband and herself is clear throughout, and I did laugh when she revealed the mess had simply migrated to the rest of the house, because I have lived this.

However I have to mention a major problem with this book. This is a light 49 page read. It might be enjoyable if you are a crafter, but it won’t last long (my reading time was five minutes in total) and it had very little substance. While I do not mind reading it for free, I would not pay money for this book. >From curiosity I checked the normal price, and there is absolutely no way I would pay £6.79 for this book. I would actually be angry if I had spent that much.

Crafters who can get this free will enjoy it literally because they will have lived it. Otherwise it is a small book with some funny photos and very little substance.

Rating: 2
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sliara (15 August 2021)
Ok another book with no substance at all. I wonder how they never noticed, lol.

Mine all mine (17 August 2021)
*Ok another book with no substance at all. I wonder how they never noticed, lol.* Money. Probably because money.

sliara (18 August 2021)
The screening should be more strict because the finished product doesn't make any sense.

jessica (18 August 2021)
:down: A lot of people put up bad books 'cos once you've bought them you might not read them until its too late to get a refund. :(:((

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