Crazy, VA (Lil & Boris #1)

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Crazy, VA (Lil & Boris #1) (Lil and Boris Mysteries)

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...It is a good light read, generally relaxing, and with appeal for cat lovers....

The problem with being a cop in a town of 300 is that you’re outnumbered 300 to one. For Littlepage Eller, the other problem is being the offspring of two disowned members of the town’s feuding first families: the Littlepages and the Ellers. Then she finds a feral cat, who adopts her and quickly becomes a feline deputy – just in time for the town’s first murder in thirty years.

The early parts of the book are quirky and amusing, particularly the set-up and description of small town politics. Shooting each other would be unseemly, so instead there’s a cold war over who has more names on buildings. This isn’t really drama or even procedural, as much as it is slice of life. It acknowledges that with one sheriff, not only will she be overworked, but she will be called off the murder case to handle traffic stops and similar. The plot doesn’t wrap up neatly, which is intentional by the author and true to life, but as a reader I found it frustrating (as did the main character).

The formatting and layout is professional, and the cover fits the book. Littlepage works as a lead, and her frustration with relatives on both sides is tangible. To one she will always be ‘Lil’ to the other ‘Ms. Eller’. The supporting cast are strong enough, with enough tangled local politics going on, to keep things moving, and I loved the comparison of the cats under the bird table to her crouching over her radar gun.

This brings me to Boris, the cat. He is a major part of the book which is a mixed blessing for cat lovers. The problem is that while he is a cat, a main character, and definitely well-handled, he also nearly gets killed on several occasions. This is not the book for someone who hates seeing animals in jeopardy, as there are a few too many close calls even if none are harmed onscreen. It might be a British/American difference as we take a much stronger view on animal abuse and cats loose (or even leashed) in cars. The author is also rather fond of having Boris bite people: it began to feel like half the town should have been on antibiotics by the end.

It is a good light read, generally relaxing, and with appeal for cat lovers. There is apparently a series due, and I might look it up just for more Boris.

Rating: 4
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HattieMoon (23 April 2017)
I can't decide if this would be fun to read or not. perhaps it is the memories of a feral cat my friend adopted that disturb me on some level!

clair02 (18 May 2017)
I am not really into cats but I think I might enjoy this book if it's as well written as you say. The story sounds interesting enough and a good plot is enough to keep me engrossed even if I don't particularly like some of the characters.

HighSparrow (18 May 2017)
I'm sure this is a book that anyone would like regardless of their feelings toward our feline friends. I like the cover. I will definitely be reading this one soon.

Meryl (22 May 2017)
I agree that it's hard to decide whether this one would be worth my time to read it or not. I'm definitely on the fence with this book.

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