Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer

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Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer (Dying Days)

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...If you enjoy end-of-days zombie stories, this is one worth reading....

Darlene Bobich is a young woman in America trying to survive the zombie apocalypse that has descended across the planet. Forced to kill her own father, she sets out to try and find food, shelter and friends as civilisation slowly collapses. From encounters with survivalists, to dealing with the endless attacks undead and the friends and enemies she makes along the way, all that keeps her going is a dry sense of humour, a never-say-die attitude and the gun her father made for her.

The book is written as a collection of short tales, from only a few hundred words to several pages worth, more akin to chapters in this collection. Detailing what happens to her chronologically, she winds up in several scrapes as humanity slowly falls apart, as she tries to survive everything that is thrown at her while those around fall. The book is quite brutal in places and holds no punches from the zombie attacks to the worst of people’s traits coming forth as each group tries to survive as best they can. The happy times she encounters are few and far between and never last for long. Darlene is strong character, coming to terms with the situation and never trying to lose her focus. The storytelling captures her thoughts and sarcasm as she struggles from day to day to stay alive. The other characters when they appear are well written giving a brief look into what people might become.

If you enjoy end-of-days zombie stories, this is one worth reading. Not to mention it follows into the main series of stories following Darlene’s further journies.

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