Death and a D20

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Death and a D20

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...A great short story and well worth picking up, especially if you enjoy D&D or stories being told....

Andrew is surprised one day to find that Death has come for him and instead of challenging him to a game of chess, he decides on a game of D&D instead. Of course, as Andrew is the GM, the game lasts a little longer than Death expects. And as the game has started again, two more of Andrew’s old friends return to continue the adventure they had stopped playing. How long can Andrew keep the game running and keep Death from taking him, not to mention give his friends the game they deserve.

This is a bittersweet little short story, playing off an old tale and giving it an interesting update worthy of Scheherazade. They story is not especially short, but I read this from start to end without a break and enjoyed every moment. The characters are sketched out quickly, but still spring to life and Andrew’s friends interactions with Death are mildly amusing. I didn’t notice any grammar issues or spelling mistakes and if they are there, I didn’t notice them enjoying the story so much.

Admittedly, it provides a lot more enjoyment if you have played D&D before (yes, I have, it’s great fun), with the only problem being that if you do not like D&D it probably is not for you.

Overall, this is a great short story and well worth picking up, especially if you enjoy D&D or stories being told.

Rating: 4
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