Dinosaurs of the Inner Earth

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Dinosaurs of the Inner Earth (Kids Dinosaur Books)

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...Two kids take a journey to a prehistoric land under the ground....

Following an earthquake, eight year old Thomas and his older brother Patrick sneak out of their house to investigate some of the local mines which have been damaged. While they are inside looking around, a cave-in seals the entrance leaving them trapped. As they try to escape, they slip and find themselves falling into an underground cavern left over from the prehistoric age. Thomas and Patrick have to find their way out with the help of Batizarr the Pachyrhinosaurus and avoid being eaten by the T-Rex King Abagog and his velociraptor minions.

Reminiscent of the Journey to the Centre of the Earth novel, this is a much shorter story for children told in first person from Thomas’ point of view. The story itself is fairly short and simple, while being descriptive of the characters and the areas they stray into. The plot moves quickly along, giving a sense of urgency to the two boys’ escapades, and doesn’t meander during their journey under the ground. There are a few things which require a slight suspension of disbelief, but as we are dealing with an underground forest, they fit in with the story.

Less acceptable are the numerous errors which litter the book. There are sentences split over multiple lines and the grammar could have done with being looked over by an editor. However, if you are the target audience, such things are unlikely to be of the greatest concern when reading the book.

In general, if you can look past the errors and let your imagination run for a while, then the story is a fairly harmless, charming, one for kids who enjoy a short piece of adventure, even one so close to a much more famous story. Actually, if they enjoy this one, give them the original to read.

Rating: 3
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