False Truth (Part One): A Jordan Fox Mystery

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False Truth (Part One): A Jordan Fox Mystery

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...More a taster than a full story, but pleasant enough to read in a few hours....

False Truth is the first part of a new series about a young reporter called Jordan Fox.

Jordan Fox is just starting her first day as an Multimedia Journalist at News Channel 12 , looking to break into the big time as well as investigate the death of her mother several years ago. Unfortunately, she finds that the company is making cutbacks, so the role she finds herself in is as an intern. If she wants to get ahead, she is going to have to prove she is better than the other candidate – high school rival Drew Hodges. Is she fails, she will also lose access to Channel 12’s records and any chance of finding out why her mother was killed.

The story is bright and breezy and matches Jordan’s personality quite well. It moves on quickly and sets the scene for future books without throwing in too many details or slowing it down. The only complaint I had was that this intro is too short. It is a good taster of the author’s writing, which was pleasant to read, but it is no more than that.

I can’t recommend this book to people to read if they are expecting more than a couple of chapters of the story, but for anyone who wants to see if they like the style and enjoys this kind of setting, it is worth having a look to see if it piques their interest. If you do enjoy it, then there are several more books that should keep someone occupied for a while.

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PetePrince (20 March 2017)
I struggled through the first section, too much telling and not enough showing, then in the next bit the writing style seemed to switch approaches completely, for the better. I am used to books with changing perspectives but not seen one which does it so dramatically. Still not sure if I like it but I have bought the next book so we will see I suppose.

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