Fat Vampire

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Fat Vampire: An Underdog Vampire Novella

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...a nice take on the modern vampire myth - and in this reviewer's opinion, twilight had it coming. ...

Reginald knew being overweight would be the death of him, but never expected it to be the undeath. Now a rather overweight vampire in a world where most candidates are svelt and slim (and train to get that way) he’s far from the ideal. Vampires don’t tolerate the weak and Reginald and his long-suffering sire find themselves in the firing line and listed for execution. Survival depends on whether Reginald can do something no vampire would even be capable of.

It’s not a bad book, and a much needed and utterly irreverent look at vampires. Generally well-written with distinctive and memorable lead characters. As a story it is enjoyable, original, and the resolution of their predicament is creative and darkly hilarious. Unfortunately as a comedy this is something of a one-note joke: he’s a vampire and he’s fat. The constant fat jokes get a little wearing (and predictable), but the characters are likeable and sympathetic – even if sometimes you want to shake the lead firmly by the throat.

Overall it’s a nice take on the modern vampire myth – and in this reviewer’s opinion, twilight had it coming.

Rating: 3
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rz3300 (16 October 2016)
I am traditionally not really the biggest vampire fan, or zombies or anything like that, but for some reason this one sounds a little more up my alley with the title. I like a more modern twist, so I am see me liking this one a little more.

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