Fear of Falling

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Fear of Falling: An uplifting tale of hope and persistence (Secrets in the Snow Book 1)

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...It's an enjoyable tale of a ski centre and the people who work there along with some of the trials they face in the personal and working lives. ...

Fiona Easton is a ski instructor who is returning to work after a tragedy. Along with the rest of the instructors, she finds herself in charge of a group of schoolchildren learning to ski. However, when a storm rolls in, bringing wintry conditions and forcing the groups from the mountain, they find that one of the children is lost somewhere. While the Ski Patrol are called in, Fiona braves the storm to find the child first before it is too late.

This is the second book in the “Secrets in the Snow” series, and while it helps to have read the first book, this can be read on it’s own merits. There are several plots intertwined through the course of the book, the main thread being of Fiona and her return to work, with the main secondary one of Zoe and the old lady she crashes into at the start of the book. Both of them come to a satisfying conclusion, while still leaving them open enough to provide more stories for the future. The characters are an interesting mix between old and young and work well as a cast, although most of them are very much background characters, with only a few given any depth to their personalities. The writing is both descriptive and in British English and it quickly pulls you through scene to scene even when cutting between the characters in different scenes giving a welcome feel of a busy community. I didn’t see any issues with the spelling or grammar through the book, and it is well formatted making it easy to read through.

The only minor annoyance about it is that the book is perhaps too short for everything that is being crammed into it. Also, I did look for the book which is supposed to come before this “Winter Arrives”, but I was unable to find it.

It’s an enjoyable tale of a ski centre and the people who work there along with some of the trials they face in the personal and working lives.

Rating: 4
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Nocturnal Thinker (17 October 2020)
Skiing is a very interesting subject among our kids for they don't have a ski center here. We don't have winter and mountains for ski sports. Reading this tale to the kids is a captivating a good audience. They would find it more thrilling on how the lost child is found and rescued.

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