Fever Quest

...This is an excellent YA or older children's book, with a gripping fast-moving plot, distinct and real characters, all with their own drives, desires, and flaws....

Isabella Rockwell is now sixteen, returning to India after her adventures in London and her daring rescue of Princess Alix. Though still presumed an orphan, she now has the support of the house of Hanover behind her, the help of Midge, an orphan she saved in London, and most precious of all, a letter that might tell her where she can find her father…if he is still alive.

Fever Quest follows directly on from Winter’s Bite, the first book in the Hannah Parry’s “Isabella Rockwell” trilogy. I’d say this is actually stronger than Winter’s Bite: Isabella has grown up, the problems are larger and solutions don’t come as easily as they did as a child. She’s not perfect, but is still young enough to think she is and some of her mistakes can cost her friends. Moving the action to India has a new cast, with only a few returning faces. While she makes new friends on the trip, they have their own problems and Isabella quickly finds herself drawn into them.

Danger, diamonds, politics, and lies all mix, and the result is a fast-paced and unpredictable story with a complex plot. Livia, with her arranged marriage, Rose, afraid she’ll be left behind, a military Captain with a dark secret, and the theft of the most valuable object in the province all collide, and Isabella and Midge find themselves in the middle of trouble that could see them both dead. The author takes all of these plots and wraps them up masterfully, leaving no loose ends, though the extract of the next book makes it plain Isabella’s story isn’t over yet. The resolution of her quest to find her father felt to me a little like an afterthought – it was a little too convenient – but there was so much going on by that point that I didn’t care, and the complications afterwards made sure any happy endings aren’t easily won. As with Winter’s Bite the body count is low, and once again the author does shy away from killing good guys, which is no bad thing in a children’s or YA book.

This is an excellent YA or older children’s book, with a gripping fast-moving plot, distinct and real characters, all with their own drives, desires, and flaws.

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Benoit W (11 April 2016)
Book 2 continues with Isabella and her friends' adventures to find her father and deliver a mystery container. Along the way, they face difficult challenges. There are some unexpected surprises involving one of the group members that throws Isabella for a loop, namely finding out that Midge has willingly gone to work for the enemy. Once again, the book is an enjoyable adventure just like Book 1, Winter's Kill (Isabella Rockwell's War).

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