Finding Soul

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Finding Soul (The Darovit Series Book 1)

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...A paranormal adventure driven more by character than by story...

Rescued from a kidnap attempt, Jon Miller and his best friend Miles find themselves in the company of the woman who rescued Jon fourteen years ago from a similar fate. The magic necklace she gave him then has been protecting him but now he is in more danger from a variety of supernatural creature now hunting Jon. And when Jon also finds out Miles is also not human, his world view is forever changed as he flees in their company. Being chased from America to London to Paris and onwards, Jon and his friends try to stay one step ahead of those chasing, only to find out that Jon is even more special than those now around him.

Finding Soul is a paranormal teen story that follows the well worn lines of a Chosen one and his friends on the run and then overcoming the odds against them. The main characters are an interesting collection and the interplay between them and the minor characters works well. You get a very real sense of what they are thinking and feeling about each other and it’s a pleasure to which the relationships grow through the book. The plot did not grip me as I hoped, as it seemed far more about the character interaction than telling a story and for me the finale felt rushed to try and quickly wrap things up. It also felt like it was trying to setup as much of the world as it could even though paring it back would have helped and several sets of creatures appear in and out of the story without any real impact.

Personally, while the characters are interesting, the world they are in and they story didn’t engage me. If you are looking for a paranormal adventure driven more by character than by story, it’s worth a read.

Rating: 2
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