Fire in the Blood

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Fire in the Blood

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...An ideal short story for a coffee break...

Ruthie and Bunt find themselves taking care of their niece Iva. At the time there have been several mysterious fires starting in and around the town they live in. Ruthie thinks back to the time they ended up taking care of her, when Bunt’s sister had lost her husband to a posse who were after another man. With no-one else to turn to, Bunt’s sister ask them to look after Iva, so she undertake a longer journey to find more of her family. But the local gossip in the town begins to turn nasty and the tension takes its toll on the couple, coming to an explosive ending.

This is an interesting little short story, which doesn’t give away if there is any supernatural involved or not. What it is, is a very fine descriptive piece about families living in unhappy times and doing the best they can to survive. Though brief, the characters are come across strongly and you can easily understand their point of view and their actions. The descriptions conjure up the times gone passed, although it could have been set in a wide range of times, some things just have not changed that much over the last couple of hundred years. The plot is simple although as a short story, it’s difficult to fit too much in, but it sticks to the story well.

This would be an ideal short story for a coffee break, quick enough to read in one go, but thought provoking at the same time.

Rating: 4
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