Fisher of Men

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Fisher of Men: A Horror Novella

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...For people who like gory stories and body horror, this would be a great read....

Manny gets home from work to find there’s something deeply wrong with his room-mate, Jeff. As the night goes on, and things get worse, it becomes clear that some people are beyond saving, Manny is still going to try.

From the blurb I was expecting a standard Cthulhoid deep-one transformation, but it surprised me with a twisted story rather closer to Last of Us. The title and cover art cut a little close to the Christian reference, but that isn’t really touched on in the story, despite Manny’s devout faith.

The characters of Jeff and Manny come across fairly clearly, despite there being few characters in the cast over all and little time being spent on building any of them up. The book focuses instead on the unusual situation and, which is where most of the horror lies.

One thing that does come across clearly is that Manny and Jeff are probably blue-collar, and not that bright. There were a couple of bits that almost brought me out of the story. At one point in the story I was virtually shouting at the book to call an ambulance, and it was never really explained why they didn’t. I also wasn’t sure why everyone keeps assuming a guy who is throwing up blood is drunk.

I will say that I love the cover, a throwback to many of the seventies pulp horrors that I read and Hammer films I grew up watching. Hammer probably wouldn’t have the budget for this though. It even has the post-credits scene, sorry, epilogue.

For people who like gory stories and body horror, this would be a great read. For those who prefer suspenseful or classic horror, it might not be.

Rating: 3
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