From a Foreign Shore

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From a Foreign Shore: Stories of History and Alternate History

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...It is hard to pick a favourite story, because they are all so good. A truly excellent short story collection....

Snapshots and short stories from historical settings and alternate pasts. A religious icon is sentenced to death for murder, but the executioners have to work out how to kill a wooden statue when damaging it is heresy. A Viking faces his memories, another faces his gods, and Phillipedes make his marathon run, along with many more.

The author has a genuine gift for language, and painting a picture of a world with very few words. The result are short stories rick in detail, plot, and character with just enough of a twist on the familiar to readers guessing and pages turning. Several of the stories have a sci-fi twist, with first contact occurring far early, but while the reader can see the situation, guessing how the characters will react is still gripping.

I read it once, tried to skim it for the review and found myself wondering where a couple of hours had gone. It is hard to pick a favourite story, because they are all so good. A truly excellent short story collection.

Rating: 5
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rz3300 (15 October 2016)
Well I love short stories, and the fact that you are having trouble picking between good ones is just making me feel that I have found a good little collection here. Thank you for this one, and I can't wait to see what it has in store.

clair02 (15 October 2016)
Great short story for my collection. Thanks for sharing.

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