Hail Lord Zalteer

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Hail Lord Zalteer!: A Short Story

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...A fun, quick, five minute read and a neat twist on a story told many times before....

Lord Zalteer is the mighty leader in the army of the feared Gotherians, conquerors of many planets and wagers of interstellar warfare. Mighty though he is, he is letting his not-so-mighty nephew, Lord Pierretuttu use some of his troops to conquer some small, backward, planet called Earth. However, despite his worst fears the invasion seems to be going according to plan. At least that is what Lord Pierretuttu thinks.

A short sci-fi story with a fun ending, which can be ead as a quick coffee break read or to get an idea of the writer’s style. The characters are amusing and easily fit the stereotypes expected, and there is not so much a plot as a setup for an amusing twist at the end. There are no formatting or spelling errors, but several of the names will have you chuckling at them. The tale reminds me of Douglas Adams, both in prose and execution and if you enjoy that kind of humour, this should be a familiar, welcome, item to read.

This is not a full length story in the slightest, but a fun, quick, five minute read and a neat twist on a story told many times before.

Rating: 4
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