Her Sapphire Eyes

...a short, well-written thriller and those looking for more prurient detail will find themselves disappointed....

When Jessica falls off a park bench and bangs her head, she is rescued by someone with beautiful blue eyes, something that sticks with her. The lady in question, Caroline then accepts a date and the pair of them start a relationship. The trouble starts when the police visit her house looking for Caroline and Jessica finds that the love she had started to believe in, may not be as true as she thought.

This is a short, well-written thriller and those looking for more prurient detail will find themselves disappointed. There is a lot packed into a few pages, from the initial meeting, through the relationship and then to finding out the truth. It’s well described and you easily get a sense for how the protagonists feel about each other, and though some of the descriptions are brief, they are more than enough to describe what is occurring in vivid detail.

I’m honestly not sure why this is so heavily advertised as Lesbian Romance when, quite frankly, it is far more of a thriller. The Romance in it could be of any type and it could be quite believable.

Rating: 4
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rz3300 (13 September 2016)
It is amazing how much people's eyes can move you and tell you things that you might not be able to find elsewhere. Maybe it is cliche or corny or cheesy, but I still like it and I would like to think that it makes for a good basis for story. That said, this one seems interesting, so I will have to look into it.

porridge (2 October 2016)
This was just creepy. Fatal Attraction creepy.

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