How to Date a Witch

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How to Date a Witch (Rylie Cruz Series Book 4)

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...This is a light read, with a straightforward plot, no stress and great to curl up with if you have a cup of tea and biscuits....

This book moves fast and that is not always a good thing. In the first short chapter we meet her werewolf rival, learn about her psychologist vampire boyfriend, her family’s curse, her witch mother… It feels like an info dump, and the book doesn’t slow down much from there.

There’s a lot of bits with grown women threatening to beat each other up, and I did get the feeling that they are acting more like high schoolers than werewolves. This is still cozy. There’s never really a feeling that Rylie is in jeopardy or even real danger. Magic relies on line of sight, and spells are thrown and can be dodged. One thing that bothered me was that she is concerned throughout about turning into a werewolf if she got irritated, but the one time this could have helped, she seems to forget she can transform.

It is enjoyably light and fluffy. Bad things don’t happen, even to the bad guy, and there is absolutely no angst. Sometimes it is pleasant to read something where everything comes out alright the end. Another thing I was curious about that might be explained in other books though is that if the curse prevents them having relationships, how does she have a mother and grandmother?

This is a light read, with a straightforward plot, no stress and great to curl up with if you have a cup of tea and biscuits.

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Anna (21 September 2017)
This sounds like it could be an entertaining read when you want some fantasy without a dense plot (although it does sound a bit convoluted in the beginning). I find myself in that sort of mood often but I'm still not sure I'd want to read this one after reading your review. I think the complete lack of angst or bad things happening would make me lose my interest. Who knows though - it could be a great book for a rainy day when you just need something light and fantastical.

Donna (14 October 2017)
Sounds like a great book for the emerging reader! It's also the perfect time of year for a "Halloween" book. Some of my students would eat this right up.

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