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...This book is as short and fanciful as the dream that starts it, without any of the pleasure....

This is a short story in which girl meets incubus, they part, they meet again five years later and the plot convenience fairy gets them together. The End.

Savannah is foster child living a hard life on a farm with her foster family believing that work is the best thing for her. One night she has a dream in which she encounters someone she calls her “angel”, but is awakened part way through. We then find out that her “angel” is an incubus (but don’t worry he’s a nice one), who has fallen in love, but is now banned from seeing her for the next five years. Fast forward five years, and she is now an adult with a job and a boyfriend when the man in her dreams comes to find her again.

The story is short and simplistic at best. You get a brief background of her time at the farm, some brief details about the Incubus, then some brief details of her life…you get the idea, it’s a very brief story. The characters are two-dimensional and appear to react according to how the story wants them to react. Savannah may have a boyfriend, but of course the thought of the man of her dreams prevent anything physical ever happening. Her best friend is trying to help her out, get her out of her shell and make life more enjoyable. Of course, when the incubus reappears, it then transpires that her best friend has been sleeping with him for the last month. And then both characters are discarded just like that, neatly tossed out of the way. Its hard to really care about someone who has dream sex on her eighteenth birthday and spends the rest of her life thinking about it. Yes, that’s right dream sex, no mature descriptions mind, but it’s ok for them because not all demons are bad, it was just a few of them ruining it for everyone else. He’s a good demon because he waited and is in love with her.

Admittedly, the one part of the story that actually worked and almost seemed apart from the main plot was how the two protagonists originally met (before the dream sex), which was actually quite sweet. But beyond that it was a bit of a chore to try and work through, followed by total surprise when the book ended very suddenly. I was then left wondering if the book was missing several pages and I took a while to convince myself it had actually ended, along with a small amount of relief.

This book is as short and fanciful as the dream that starts it, without any of the pleasure. If I had to recommend it for anyone, it would be at young teen girls looking for a little escapism. Little being the operative word.

Rating: 2
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Glass Skin (15 March 2017)
For a quick read, this book was alright, but I don't think anyone over a certain age would really enjoy it. The pacing of the story felt quite rushed, and as a result, the characters and their romance were a bit flat. The ending was also a little too abrupt. I feel that overall, a little more detail was needed.

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