Indigo’s hair story

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Indigo's Hair Story

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...a lovely little story about Indigo adapting to losing her hair with the love and support of her family, pitched at a perfect level for children....

Indigo is a little girl who loves playing with her hair, and her mama braids it for her in many different ways. Then one day her hair starts falling out. What will she do?

The book is formatted as scanned pages, which is essential with artwork of this outstanding quality, and it displays on the cloud reader in landscape format with two pages side by side (and page numbers at the bottom). Sadly it presents the issue that text can’t be enlarged as it is part of the image, so it may be a little small for early readers. There is no table of contents, but as the book nineteen 19 pages long, it is not missed.

This is a lovely little story about Indigo adapting to alopecia with the love and support of her family, pitched at a perfect level for children. It would be great for children who are facing or suffering from hair loss, but its such a sweet tale and so well presented that it will appeal to most early readers, and those who cannot read can enjoy the pictures while it is read to them. I honestly don’t think I can say enough good about the artwork. It is fantastic quality, full colour and full page illustrations for each page.

A great book for children in this position, a good children’s read for everyone else.

Rating: 4
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sliara (22 August 2021)
The story doesn't entice me to buy the book at all. It seems to have no substance.

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