Love is for Tomorrow

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Love Is For Tomorrow: Reunion: Paris Spy Thriller

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Antoine and Kovac are two agents following a trail in Paris. Having apprehended a reporter who was passing news to a widow called Kerrie that they know.Deciding to track her down and prevent anyone from interfering with her. Knowing where she is likely to have gone, they find her sat in a cafe. While Kovac stays back, Antoine takes his place at the cafe to keep an eye on her. Despite his best efforts, he is spotted by a former teammate, Hunter, who confronts him. But further problems occur when Antoine spots an incoming group of spies who seem to be heading directly for them. Deciding to run interference, they send Kerrie and Hunter off in one direction while Kovac leads the group away. Antoine’s idea is to lead them into a trap where he and Kovac can deal with them quickly and silently. But as they do, they know they will have to then keep her distance from Kerrie from here on.

A short action spy thriller that covers all the bases. From undercover work, to dealing with other agents and doing what they need to do, this story keeps a steady pace from start to finish and is soon over leaving a lot of questions to be answered in the next novel, while still putting a neat bookend on the situation that has just unfolded. Despite the agents being as secretive as they should be, you find out enough of their background to understand where they have both come from, without giving too much away as to who they are. The writing helps to draw the reader deep into the situation, being descriptive in a way that helps to build the tension and concentrating on what the spies are looking at instead of giving a more general picture of the story.

The formatting of the story is fine and easy to follow. I didn’t notice any spelling or editing mistakes, and the chapters are neatly split apart. There are some details at the back, authors notes and details of the story that follows this one.

Overall, I enjoyed this brief story, and can still remember a lot of it while later. Fans of the genre should certainly enjoy this one, and if you enjoy it, then the next novel is ready to be picked up.

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