Love Notes: . . . not a romance

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Love Notes: . . . not a romance

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...While this is written well, with a believable story and distinctive characters, it actually caused arguments in the club....

Jules, a teacher, spends her spare time running a popular reading group at the local old folks home. The arrival of a new resident upsets her quiet routine, since she is sure he is an estranged relative she hasn’t seen since she was a child. Picking her way to a relationship will be difficult, especially since she isn’t sure she wants too…

While this is written well, with a believable story and distinctive characters, it actually caused arguments in the club.

It definitely provoked an emotional reaction from the club while reading, but while all agreed it was a good story, there were two very different interpretations, one positive, one negative. From one view it was a heartwarming story of mending fences in family. From another it was a tragedy of a woman unable to say no and trapped living out someone else’s wishes for her for the rest of her life. The truth may lie somewhere in between. The same interpretation switched Annie from wise, experienced, friend to a naive and sheltered accomplice to abuse.

What I will say is that it left no member unmoved and provoked some strong opinions, which is a sign of extremely good writing.

Rating: 3
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Debated in bookchat, with a spoiler warning. Find the discussion here: *Love Notes by Julie Boozer (Book chat) | Bookangel Boards*

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