Marina in a Green Dress

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Marina in a Green Dress

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...Great for YA readers but also likely to hold the attention of older readers, this is a really good read...

Marina in a Green dress is a play: the charming Kronos comes out of nowhere to transform the life of the titular Marina. For one devoted fan, an innocent letter to a star will make the play far too close to reality.

The characterisation is spot on, and one of the things that I liked was how lunch we learn about Jessica simply from the beginning where she is trying to write a fan letter to her idol, actor Kennedy Orr. It is a very unusual way to meet a character in a book, and a great introduction. All the little details about her idol that Jessica has picked up, his origins, etc. make her ring very true for a teenage fan. Her desperation for a better life and burgeoning dissatisfaction are set up early, and make her vulnerable without her even realising it. And then slowly her life changes without her even noticing how far over her head she is. Her friends and associates come across as real people with their own lives and drives, and problems.

The writing is excellent. I simply didn’t notice I was reading a story, it was that immersive.

The plot is a fascinating mystery that kept me gripped from twist to twist and change to change. I didn’t see the end coming, and was actually surprised at the slightly upbeat twist. Psychology and secrets abound in this beautiful and intriguing story about people from two different worlds meeting.

Great for YA readers but also likely to hold the attention of older readers, this is a really good read.

Rating: 4
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rz3300 (2 October 2016)
Anytime you hear that something ends too soon, that is usually a pretty good sign of a quality story, so I would say that this alone is worth the look. I like a good mystery too, and good characters never hurts.

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