Marina in a Green Dress

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Marina in a Green Dress

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...Its a good afternoon's read with some interesting characters, the mystery holds up well, but it all ends a little too soon....

When Jessica Tye ends up sending a letter to Kennedy Orr, star of the London stage, the last thing she was expecting was to get a reply. But when the lead actor of Marina in a Green Dress, a show she is obsessed with, asks to meet her she finds herself caught under his spell. When she is kicked out of her flat, she ends up moving into a different world away from her life with her boyfriend, Steve, and his friends. But as time goes on and Kennedy starts to become more involved in her life, she begins to realise that her life is beginning to resemble the play she knows so well. A play in which the heroine dies at the end in an accident.

This is a well plotted mystery where you are left guessing through the novel as to what may or may not happen. The characters are well described each with merits and flaws and the actions they take fit well with each of them, even the reader you might consider them to be unwise. However Jessica is flighty and quite trusting in what happens to her, even though it shows scant regard for her safety, but seems to figure things out a little too well by the end.

The main downside to the book is it was a bit shorter than I expected. The plot feels a little rushed in order to get all the pieces of the mystery out before you might work out what is happening. Also your enjoyment of the novel may be determined by the message it is trying to get across.

Overall, its a good afternoon’s read with some interesting characters, the mystery holds up well, but it all ends a little too soon.

Rating: 3
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rz3300 (2 October 2016)
Anytime you hear that something ends too soon, that is usually a pretty good sign of a quality story, so I would say that this alone is worth the look. I like a good mystery too, and good characters never hurts.

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