Moore Zombies: The Search for Gargoy

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Moore Zombies: The Search for Gargoy

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...A beautifully illustrated children's book about zombies....

Baby Zom is unhappy and missing Gargoy. While starting to look for Gargoy, she gets the help of her brothers, Brohemier and Kamper, and her sister, Gothina, as they look around the house trying to find out what happened. From their bedrooms, to the kitchen, to the garden outside the zombie children are trying to solve the mystery.

This is a wonderfully illustrated children’s book on the zombie family, which cleverly interleaves both the search for Gargoy and the descriptions of what the zombie family are like and the differences between them and what you might think about an everyday zombie. It’s ideal for any kids that like to be grossed out, although the images are quite suitable for all ages. I didn’t notice and problems with the formatting and grammar of the book and the pages are well constructed in fitting the words and pictures together.

Overall, it’s a beautifully illustrated children’s book about zombies, with a fun tale that is easy to follow along.

Rating: 4
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