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What do you see: do you see what i see (test your brain Book 1)

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...If you’re bored on a commute or trying to kill ten minutes, these eye puzzles are a great way to unwind. ...

This is a collection of pictures with different interpretations, like the old vase-or-tw0-faces image that most people know.

I wasn’t expecting to give this a high rating, as most of these collections are re-used. However after showing it round the club and having a very enjoyable evening turning Kindles round and trying to see all the interpretations (and find a few unintentional ones), I’d have to say it was a really good book.

There is a mix of pictures from old-style traditional images with creatures and people hidden in tree outlines, up to photographs and digital manipulations. Each image is shown and then when you click to the next it shows the image with the likely options so if you haven’t found both you can use this as a hint.

It is definitely more fun to share with people, but if you’re bored on a commute or trying to kill ten minutes it’s a great way to unwind.

Rating: 4
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Books Bits 'n Bobs (30 August 2017)
This was perfect for light-hearted fun. It took forever to find the lady with the horse. I kept looking for hiding in the trees. I'm going to keep my eye out for more.

C. Lee McKenzie (30 August 2017)
I used to love these when I was a kid. I'll probably love them now. Thanks for the review.

Kindler (30 August 2017)
Some I've seen before, some were new to me. A lot of them are still great fun.

Jordan (31 August 2017)
These are always fun. I find it interesting to note what I see first or what I don't see at all! We like to blame our eyes, but it's our brain doing all the work.

Ellie Jane (3 September 2017)
Well, this one sure looks like fun. It'll be something to lose myself in and I have some spare credits anyway. Cheers to finding the hidden items.

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