Sacrificed: A Cozy Witch Mystery

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Sacrificed: A Cozy Witch Mystery Short Story Book Set

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...The cover is fantastic, the writing, from what I could tell , OK. The formatting was abominable....

I tried to review this, but ran into a major problem that made me put the book down by page five.

The cover is fantastic, the writing, from what I could tell , OK. The formatting was abominable. I don’t mind paragraphs being separated by a blank line, as long as the line is present. Sometimes it wasn’t and sometimes the issue was confused by random line breaks in the middle of sentences. There were typos and run-on words, including wasn’tt and yes, the two t’s were in the book. This looks as though someone took a print published paperback and OCR’d it through a scanner.

Fix the formatting and I will review it. Currently it is back on the queue as an unfinished.

Rating: DNF
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C. Lee McKenzie (22 August 2017)
Too bad about the formatting issue. Technical stuff interfering with the story is something a lot of writers are still not used to dealing with. Hire a professional and be done with it! That's my take.

Kindler (23 August 2017)
I'd agree with that - doesn't matter how good the story is, if no-one can read it.

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