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The Sand Runner

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...An enjoyable sci-fi action read suitable for all but the youngest, with a heroine you won't forget and a world that comes to life on the pages....

On a world where all advanced technology has been blocked, a war is waged with medieval technology. Gina is a sand runner, a courier carrying messages for the human troops through enemy lines, one of the most dangerous roles. And then her mission goes badly, badly, wrong…

The story cuts back and forth between Gina’s current mission as events unfold and her training from hell, which explains what couriers go through before they are allowed out in the desert, and the writing is incredible. The author is very good at this, with every cutaway a cliffhanger that builds the tension. During her final desperate race I was honestly on the edge of my seat, hoping she’d make it and not honestly sure. And I’m not telling you (seriously, this book is better if you don’t spoil yourself).

The character building is great, providing insights even into characters we only see in flashback. The lead character is outstanding. Gina is more than the standard strong female character, she’s a competent, intelligent, person with a mission she is determined to succeed in no matter the cost, because the cost if she fails will be so very very high…

Sci-fi fans should check this out, but so should action or military fiction readers. An enjoyable suspenseful read suitable for all but the youngest, with a heroine you won’t forget and a world that comes to life on the pages.

Rating: 4
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rz3300 (15 October 2016)
Well, I think that you have secured my interest here. I am not usually the first to jump into sci-fi stories, but this one seems a little different and worth a second look. I always love when the worlds can come to life.

djbook (18 October 2016)
I like strong female characters. This is the reason why I stuck with GoT for so long because despite the multiple incidents that made me uncomfortable, I always felt that the female characters were always strong. And sci-fi is right up my alley. Count me in to read this one.

tirial (17 November 2016)
Thanks for a story that actually picked me up, and let me forget just how bad I was feeling. It really draws you in.

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