Scottish Highland Games: A Brief History and the Main Events

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Scottish Highland Games: A Brief History and the Main Events

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...A lively and excellent introduction. Suitable for anyone, this is a good non-fiction read. ...

This is an introduction to the Scottish Highland Games, which now take place round the world, including the US. It re-tells the origins of the games, the culture that they developed in, and the role that changes through history have played in shaping them.

Gripping is the wrong way to describe this type of book, but it is interesting, absorbing, and has enough trivia and quick facts to hold the attention. Rather than tables of winners, it contains interesting historical anecdotes, the origins of the games and of each of the events.

If you want to know the size of a caber, how they adjust the weight to keep it equal, and how each of the events came into being, this is an intriguing read. It doesn’t just cover the athletic events, but also the role of the “light” or cultural events such as dancing and music. There are useful details on where the games take place, and links for further research. Enjoyable, easy to read, packed with facts and suitable for all ages, this is the type of non-fiction book I like to see.

It may be a little light for anyone already familiar with the games, but otherwise it is a lively and excellent introduction. Suitable for anyone, but of particular interest to those with links to Scotland or an interest in sports and athletic events, this is a good non-fiction read.

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Tregaron (22 March 2017)
I had never considered how they weight a caber before. This book would be a very useful source of trivia for the pub quiz.

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