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Stories to Creep You Out Until Dawn: 10 Eye-Bulging Flash Fiction

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...definitely and undeniably well-written, didn't really engage me....

These aren’t horror stories. They are creepy, but they are the type of stories that people share about their own ghost experiences. Don’t expect any unusual scares or things to keep you awake. Each of the stories is either a single supernatural encounter, very true to life in that it is never explained, or a real world story of karma and retribution. They are very short, only a few pages in length at the most.

The formatting is mixed. While each chapter starts with a small illustration, they also start on a different point on the page, as if spacing had been used instead of pagebreaks to seperate stories. There’s no problem with the grammar or spelling, and no typos to take you out of the stories. It is definitely and undeniably well-written, but…it didn’t really engage me. I can’t say this would be edge-of-the-seat reading, because these short encounters are where most horror stories start, not the full tale. It is closer to campfire tales, the sort you might share with a friend about something odd that happened to you that was never epxlained – the suddenly closing door or the person who vanishes when you look away.

I’m not sure what audience this is meant for. Devoted horror readers will find it tame, and while the stories may attract a literary audience, the cover isn’t designed to.

I’d be giving a 2/3, but this is the type of book that for the right reader could be brilliant. However I am not rating this book, not because it is bad, but because I never really engaged with it and I’m not the type of audience it is meant for. The problem is that without being able to identify an intended audience it is very hard to say how well it would be received and therefore any rating would be inaccurate.

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