Tears of Heaven

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Tears of Heaven

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...It's a well written and enjoyable story and should appeal to more than just the fans of the genre. ...

Omedelia-bar-Azazel, or Del as she is known to everyone, spends the time she is allowed hunting down and dispatching rogue demons back to hell. It helps that her father was one of them, giving her strength, speed and durability beyond that of a normal human, not to mention a lifespan to match. With her partner Marrin, she is sent by the Angel Ahadiel to dispatch a group of three rogues that have surfaced in Salt Lake City. In a place they are unfamiliar with, they have to find the rogues and the three children that have also mysteriously disappeared. Interwoven with this, we have Del’s story from Roman times giving a look into her background from Roman times. How she went from slave to sailor and yet still bound to serve the Eternal Throne, now matter how hard she tries to escape.

This is an excellent take on this kind of story of Angels and Demons and their effect on the world. As the lead, Del is an interesting character and the twin threads of past and present helping to provide some insight in who she is and as a result comes across as far more nuanced than several others I have seen in the genre. The supporting characters play their parts well, Marrin in particular is a nice foil for Del’s cynicism. The plot is brisk and kept me engaged from scene to scene and I enjoyed the dual nature of the plots as they both progressed. Spelling and grammar are fine, I didn’t have anything jump out at me while reading, the book is nicely formatted and it is obvious when things change from scene to scene.

There are a few scenes that are extraneous, they may be relevant in the later books, but these were few and far between. There are also plenty of unanswered questions around what is happening, and some things don’t make as much sense as they perhaps should, but this is the first in a trilogy. As they are all now published, I’ll admit to be considering going and getting the remaining two books, to see how this plays out.

Rating: 4
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Guest Posts (21 February 2020)
Name: Michael User: Great review! I agree with your comments - particularly on the \"twin threads\" and about Marrin. I loved the second book in the series, and especially the third - I hope you do too! PS - I understand this one will be released as an audiobook within the next month or two.

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