The Blood of Cowards

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The Blood of Cowards: A Dark Supernatural Fantasy

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...A short supernatural tale, mainly for fans of the vampire genre....

During the American Civil War, Lazarus Kalon is a vampire on his way home in Atlanta to rescue his wealth and treasures before the city falls. While making his way through the Appalachians, and thirsty for blood, he comes across three deserters. Preternaturally aware of their thoughts, whims and desires, he decides to quench his thirst with their blood. But as he begins his attack, he realises that one of them could be far more than just a meal to him, perhaps a companion for the rest of eternity.

This short supernatural story is almost a tale of two halves. The first part describing our vampire protagonist and his desires and the second part being the attack on the deserters. The writing is heavily descriptive within the first part which does drag the pace down, but it picks up with the second part when there is more to concentrate on that just the musings of one vampire. The plot is simple enough, but I do wonder if the ending was chosen to just wrap it up and not be mentioned again instead of being an ongoing point in future stories. The grammar and formatting were fine, I didn’t notice anything wrong with it and it pleasantly filled a coffee break from start to end.

While the book is fine by itself, it does serve as a good indication of the author’s style and if you like it there are several other stories advertised at the back of the eBook. Fans of the genre, vampires and the supernatural, will probably enjoy this more than most.

Rating: 3
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