The Demons Inside

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The Demons Inside: A Horror Short Story

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...A coffee break short, light on the horror and the lessons....

Bill Blake is by nature a passive man, always prepared to take the high road instead of confronting those around him. His whole life has been a litany of events getting on his nerves until one day, a strange beggar gives him the chance to do something about it. But it comes with a warning, not to let his demons consume him. At first, it appears to be an accident, but after a while Bill realises that his temper is causing accidents for those around who annoy him. As time goes on, the accidents start to become more serious and impacting even those who Bill cares for.

This is a short horror story, although there is not a lot of what some might consider horror, contained within the story. It comes across more as a tale of consequence. The characters range from those who are at peace with the world and their place in it, to those who would trample over everyone to ensure they came out on top. As a result, Bill has plenty of targets to aim his ire at, although whether they truly deserve what happens to them is a question for the reader. The plot is brief and neatly self-contained over the space of a few weeks. Grammar and spelling are fine, I didn’t notice any glaring errors. The writing is descriptive enough getting across the niggles and frustrations that Bill faces in his daily life and the slow change in him as he decides how and when to his his new-found abilities.

Overall, it’s a coffee break read, enjoyable for fifteen minutes, light on the horror and with a salutary lesson thrown in for good measure.

Rating: 3
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