The Enfield Horror

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The Enfield Horror

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...Horror readers will enjoy this one. Action fans might also want to give it a look....

Ron Ripley seems to have a distinct formula: release horror novels as trilogies. As this is the second one like this I have read and liked they are doing something right. Its probably the writing.

There isn’t much original about the plot: Ancient Evil awakens in a cabin in the woods and starts killing. However the characters are well-done, the writing is atmospheric, and it has some absolutely chilling scares. Just for once the supernatural doesn’t get everything its own way, leading to a great increase in tension because the outcome of each encounter is genuinely unpredictable.

The characters are great, drawn in broad brush strokes then fleshed out without slowing the story. The awakened ancient evil is both affably evil and utterly monstrous. This is a horror novel in every way. Some of the victims may escape, but that does not lessen the threat at all, the ending is not complete (as it is a triology) but it is easy to get so tangled up in the story that you don’t care. Enough happens to keep the reader enthralled from page one onwards.

It’s a standard horror piece, but it is done so well I didn’t care. I am still considering whether to buy the next books.

Horror readers will enjoy this one. Action fans might also want to give it a look.

Rating: 4
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