The Gingerbread House

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The Gingerbread House

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View on excellent little book to pick up to get young children in the mood for Christmas...

When a Gingerbread man comes alive, he is too fast to be caught as he dances through the house. Perhaps the only way to catch him is by building a gingerbread house for him to move into. For this Christmas at least.

This is an illustrated rhyming tale for children that is easy to read and has delightful pictures. The tale is very simple and is cleverly set to rhyme. Some of the rhymes don’t quite work, or feel a little awkward, but overall it’s a happy style that bounces along and is simple enough for most younger children to enjoy, even if they are not be able to read it themselves.

The illustrations are excellent, not just well drawn but neatly fitting the story and words on the screen. The colours are lively and Christmassy, giving the book a very festive feel. I didn’t see any errors in the spelling and the formatting of the book neatly folds the pictures and words together.

This may be a short story, but it’s an excellent little book to pick up to get young children in the mood for Christmas. The only downside being that adults will be asked for gingerbread figures once the book has been finished.

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Nocturnal Thinker (14 October 2020)
I have a very smart 7-year old granddaughter who loves to listen and read nursery rhymes. And I think this book of rhyming tales is good for her to read.

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