The Magical Sweeper of Raggadish

...A story worth reading to children about littering and recycling...

In the town of Raggadish lives a street sweeper called Seraphim who removes all the rubbish, recycles it and keep the town tidy. One day a new mayor comes to town and decides that his services are no longer required. Before long the town is filled with rubbish, apart from the town square which remains clean. The town folk continue to tip their rubbish there and each night it vanishes. But when Seraphim is forced to leave, the townsfolk sound find that their disappearing rubbish no longer does and the mayor is forced to take action.

This is a short storybook for children to teach them about rubbish and recycling and why it is a good thing. Each page is accompanied by a brightly coloured image that is ideal and helps to convey the story to its intended young audience. The story is simple, easy to follow and with it being obvious what the outcome of the actions are, it helps to reinforce the message. The characters are there to provide emphasis to the story, not necessarily for someone to empathise or identify with.

More importantly this story does provide an strong message on the value of not littering and recycling, an invaluable lesson to be taught to any children, and to show the results of what would happen if we didn’t think about it or there were not people around to tidy up after us.

This is well worth reading to any child in their formative years.

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CatInASuit (2 December 2019)
*@Angel* Someone liked the review - we received a very nice thank you note.

Angel (2 December 2019)
It was a very pleasant book to read with a good strong story and moral to it and a nice diversion from the current day.

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