The Monster Dating Agency

...This is definitely a direct humour style, and there's little subtle about it, so if you love that sort of writing this will appeal....

Just to start the review with a note: Please authors, don’t change your fonts from the default without a very good reason. Suddenly having blocky Arial instead of my normal typeface threw me.

The story itself starts in an…interesting…fashion, and then just as I was getting worried, by the third page I’d laughed out loud, and all was forgiven. While I hadn’t realised how short this book was, it is a complete story, from how Amy joins up with the agency to her first clients. As an introduction to the series it works wonderfully, showing off the author’s sense of humour and writing style, and making it quite clear what you can expect from the sequels. You can expect a lot of bodily function jokes, mainly coarse ones, but then we are dealing with ogres, zombies, etc. This is definitely a direct humour style, and there’s little subtle about it, so if you love that sort of writing this will appeal.

The only slight let-down is the plot. Things happen, but there’s no real sense of plot development. Then again, this is a very short story about someone getting an unusual job, which is setting up a series so much of the story is taken up with world building and establishing characters.

I should probably give it a two on technicalities, but it made me laugh out loud, there are no glaring spelling or grammar issues, and it nicely introduces us to a series with a creative concept. It gets a three.

Rating: 3
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rz3300 (24 August 2016)
Well I just when I read the title that this would have to be a good comedy, and sure enough I was right. I am glad to see it, too, because you do not run across that many comedies or stories with a good sense of humor, so I will certainly keep this one in mind. Subtleties are also nice for me and really add to the experience, so thank for sharing.

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