THE NEW REGIME (Hunted Book 1)

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THE NEW REGIME (Hunted Book 1)

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...Overall it's a good, short, cyberpunk style thriller. Lovers of cyberpunk or dystopian reads should spare a look while it is free....

A world where the government has total control where children are implanted with microchips at birth and not trusted until they are old enough to have a computer record, where government agents have built in implants and everything is recorded. And in the middle of this, a murder is committed. Because what can observe, can also control…

A mix of cyberpunk and dystopian nightmare, just close enough to reality to bite. Alex, the government commissar and police officer exploring the case is caught in a nasty dilemma and will eventually have to choose a side: the population she protects or the government she serves.

It is a short book, so I can’t say much without spoiling it. The style is spare, no words are wasted, and despite its short length, this packs a lot of world-building, character, and history into very few words. The story moves fast and doesn’t stop to explore any of the ideas it throws up in depth, trusting the reader will understand the implications.

Alex is the only really fleshed-out character, but she’s the viewpoint throughout and strong enough to keep the story moving. The other characters are barely touched on and seen only from her point of view. There isn’t a lot of time spared for introspection, and the break-neck pace from murder to conspiracy keeps the twists coming. The plot is one I’ve seen before, but that doesn’t count against the story – I’ve seen it done worse with a lot more words and a lot less impact.

As a story it didn’t leave much of an impression after reading, but it was an enjoyable fifteen minute read and a great way to sample the author’s work.

Overall it’s a good, short, cyberpunk style thriller. Lovers of cyberpunk or dystopian reads should spare a look while it is free, although the ending may be a little upbeat for them.

Rating: 3
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Tregaron (12 January 2016)
I think you may have been rather kind to this book. I thought it was rather average for a cyberpunk thriller, and cuts a bit short without revealing what happens to the characters.

rz3300 (25 September 2016)
I cannot say I really know what to expect when I hear of a "cyberpunk style thriller", but I have to say that I am intrigued to find out. It sounds like it is something that would really appeal to me, so I am curious now I do like the more dystopian stories.

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