The Rest Die Tomorrow (Cinder Falls Crime Series, Book 1)

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The Rest Die Tomorrow (Cinder Falls Crime Series, Book 1)

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...obtrusive bright blue hyperlinks in the middle of the detective story: that's right it is a Choose Your Own Adventure...but it uses the same hyperlinks for items external to the book it wants to you buy or look up....

I was promised a uniquely interactive detective story. I got Choose Your own Adventure.

I could not get past the obtrusive bright blue hyperlinks in the middle of the detective story: oh, that’s right it is a Choose Your Own Adventure. However it also has the same style of hyperlinks in the middle of sections to link to online resources/books it wants you to buy, which means if you are reading on a Kindle expect to rack up a phone bill finding out what is a story link and what isn’t.

There are some early spelling and grammar errors”as Duke’s body lied behind her” should be “as Duke’s body lay behind her” – unless you’re in a genre where the corpse is walking and talking.

However in trying to fuse two genres, it breaks two important conventions of the second. By convention Choose Your Own Adventure are written in second person, but that is forgivable. The second is that your choices should make a difference to the plot. Several, including the first, do not and by all resolving at the same point after the second choice, it means there is little story difference. Same plot, different window dressing. And that’s when I put it down.

Did Not Finish. I have asked a friend to have a look.

Rating: DNF
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rz3300 (23 September 2016)
I am not really sure how I feel about the whole choose your own adventure thing. Plus, the fact that there are hyperlinks in the middle is really really off putting to me. I want to give it a shot though, and it would be something new, and maybe a nice change of pace. I am not sure yet, though.

clair02 (23 September 2016)
Just reading that review was painful enough. It doesn't sound like a story I would want to read. Especially not if there are grammar and punctuation mistakes in it. That, for me, is a deal-breaker. At first it sounded interesting thinking that I might be able to choose my own direction for the story, but it that doesn't even make much difference, then what's the point? Guess I'll give this one a pass.

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