The Winter Freak Show

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The Winter Freak Show

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......a gem of a story. This is perfect for children, and enjoyable at any age....

Escaping the workhouse, Toby Carter falls in with a travelling circus of runaway children. He finds a home among the glitter and glamour of the show, but danger stalks, for among the streets of Battersea there is a childcatcher at work. Can Toby find the truth and save his new home, and himself?

From Toby’s action-packed escape from the workhouse to the final heart-warming page, this held me entranced. While some of the subject matter may be a little dark for young children, for older ones and even adults, this is a great story. With a fast-paced, gripping, plot and characters you can actually care about, this is worth the read.

Set at Christmas, it can be read throughout the year. The writing is excellent, the characters distinctive and the ideas original. It has excellent grammar, good spelling and professional layout. The only let down for me was the cover and title which are nowhere near as good as the story, and I almost passed over it for review because I expected a far less pleasant read. Behind that cover, however, is a gem of a story.

This is perfect for children, and enjoyable at any age. Four stars.

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