The Witch with the Wonky Broomstick

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The Witch with the Wonky Broomstick

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...Funny poems to keep children amused for hours (or possibly big kids of any age given how much some of our members were laughing.)...

A selection of poems meant for children and those reading on their own, this is great.

The witch and monster poems areĀ ideal for halloween, but the rest of them, e.g. about a three-legged dog, or a boy who drinks too much water, would be good for any time of year. Some of the school ones, like the one about reading in front of a class, will be really familiar to its target audience, and people outside it. There are a lot of bodily function jokes in here, and I think it snot very funny. If your child is into that, they will love this book.

The formatting is simple, a bold title, the poem in stanzas and an illustration at the end. Each poem starts on a new page, and I really can’t fault it. The illustrations are great for its age-group, which I would say are primary school age reading with parents or even alone, or possibly big kids of any age given how much some of our members were laughing.

A really good book to keep children amused for hours.

Rating: 4
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