Tovi the Penguin goes to London

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Tovi the Penguin goes to London

Last Free Dates: 26th Apr 16 to 30th Apr 16
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...As part of a whole series, there's also plenty here to keep children hooked, and encourage them to read. ...

Aimed at 2-6 to be read with parents, it looks like this was scanned from a board book, for example the “This book belongs to_” plate at the front. Its fully illustrated, with every page as a full colour plate and the text integrated with it. The font is large enough to be easily readable.

The line “Oh no, its raining in London!” did result in me choking on my tea. I looked out of the window, where it was indeed raining, and laughed.

It is very short, with little text, which should be ideal for children just learning to read. There are lots of parts of the pictures that can be pointed out and discussed, and parents can easily look up the discussed items and show children pictures of the real thing if they are interested. I’s also suggest it for parents with young children visiting London, since it gives them an idea of things to see.

As part of a whole series, there’s also plenty here to keep children hooked, and encourage them to read. A great early reader, ideal for young children.

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rz3300 (23 September 2016)
I love the idea of getting children hooked on a good series. I happen to know, too, that kids love penguins, and it usually does a very good job in getting and keeping their attention. I cannot wait to give this one a try at work and see how the kids respond.

Tregaron (23 September 2016)
Tovi actually went to London to get out of the rain? Oh dear, I sense a flaw in his plan.

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